3 Flexible Packaging Trends to Anticipate in 2019

August 16, 2018

Today’s manufacturers face stiffer competition than ever before—driving the need for more durable, efficient and impactful product packaging. That’s why brands across a wide range of industries invest in flexible packaging solutions. These innovative packaging options (ranging from bags and pouches to liners and overwraps) combine robust product protection with unrivaled shelf appeal, making them a natural choice for almost any product. And as the demand for flexible packaging continues to grow in the coming years (the global demand for flexible packaging is expected to rise to over $99 billion in 2019), so too will its impact on your enterprise and competitors.

At Flexo Impressions, we take pride in connecting manufacturers with the insights and support they need to take full advantage of flexible packaging. From flexible heat shrink labels to dependable stand-up pouches, our team has been developing leading-edge printing solutions for over 30 years—empowering our customers with intuitive, cost-efficient and eye-catching packaging. Today, we’ll be discussing a few upcoming trends in the world of flexible packaging to ensure you’re positioned for success in 2019 and beyond.

1.The Rise of Stand-Up Pouches

According to Packaging Strategies, stand-up pouches are one of the fastest-growing segments of flexible packaging. In fact, these convenient container types are expected to grow up to 7-9% each year until 2023. Not only are stand-up pouch bags durable enough to keep products safe from most physical and environmental hazards during transport, but they also provide better customer experiences than many other packaging options.

Stand-up pouches can be resealed to ensure product freshness and protection, making them a perfect solution for foods and other goods that are enjoyed on the go. These containers can also be outfitted with a wide range of eye-catching designs to maximize their shelf appeal and compel shoppers to purchase. Pair these advantages with their remarkable cost efficiency, and it’s no wonder why stand-up pouches are poised to become a dominant flexible packaging option in 2019.

2. Flexible Packaging Becomes Even More Eco-Friendly

In recent years, there’s been a huge surge in consumer demand for eco-friendly business practices. According to Sustainable Brands, over 91% of modern consumers expect the companies they purchase from to act responsibly in regards to social and environmental issues—and over two-thirds are willing to pay more for products that demonstrate sustainability. This growing need for more environmentally friendly business operations will foster more eco-friendly flexible packaging in the coming years.

Flexible packaging already utilizes eco-friendly materials, creates fewer emissions, and uses less energy than most other popular container types, which is partially why they’ve become such a popular solution for manufacturers. To help their partners meet consumer demands for sustainability, flexible packaging suppliers will continue to experiment with new processes and materials to drive environmental impact down even further in 2019.

3. Flexible Packaging Designs Get Simple

Because flexible packaging offers so much surface area for visual assets, manufacturers frequently adorn these containers with highly detailed designs and a breadth of colors. And while these striking aesthetics can effectively capture the attention of customers scanning the shelves, many design experts predict a swing toward minimalist designs for flexible packaging in 2019. Minimalist packaging designs can effectively convey the uniqueness and value of your products and brand—ensuring that this information isn’t drowned out by overwhelming colors, designs and other aesthetic elements.

Flexible packaging is uniquely suited for minimalist designs because of the enhanced product visibility it provides. When consumers can actually see the contents of your product without being distracted by showy designs, they can fully appreciate the value it can provide. When done right, this refreshingly straightforward approach can help your brand stand out from garish competitive packaging and communicate the simplicity of your brand. Minimalist flexible packaging designs will be particularly popular in nutraceuticals, food and beverage, personal care, and other industries that need their packaging to convey the honesty, cleanliness and simplicity of their products.

Embrace the Future of Flexible Packaging With Flexo

Interested in learning more about the future of flexible packaging and what your organization can do to leverage it in 2019? Then be sure to call or message Flexo Impressions today. As your flexible packaging supplier, we can provide the knowledge and support you need to find the best flexible packaging solutions for your products. You can also reach out to us for more information on emerging packaging technologies, beverage and food packaging trends, or anything else related to product packaging. We’re always here to help.

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