7 Examples of Creative Product Packaging

May 17, 2018

In today’s competitive business landscape, it’s vital that manufacturers of consumer goods find creative and innovative ways to package their products. The shelf appeal of a product, and the effect it has on consumers, has a significant impact on how well the product sells.

Luckily for manufacturers, there are a wide variety of design opportunities and packaging solutions in today’s packaging marketplace. With the right blend of creativity and engineering, a product’s packaging can successfully appeal to consumers without sacrificing product protection standards.

Looking for some inspiration? Here are 7 examples of creative product packaging making an impact.

1. Smirnoff Peelable Bottle

(Photo Credit: Thedieline website)

Coordinating with the launch of a new formula of Smirnoff Caipiroska, the spirits company deployed this creative utilization of shrink sleeve labels. The exterior label gave the bottle the appearance of its flavor — the lime flavor looked like a lime, the lemon like a lemon, etc. Using the easy-to-remove nature of shrink sleeves, the exterior could then be peeled off to expose the classic Smirnoff branding and label.

2.Coke’s Personalized Bottles

(Photo Credit: Coca Cola)

The beverage industry is about as competitive as it gets.  To shake things up with their product packaging, Coke unveiled their Share a Coke campaign that saw it’s classic bottles and cans replace their branding with names, songs, and phrases. The campaign was a huge success and is still in use today.

3. Festina Watches Sold in Bags of Water

(Photo Credit: Festina Instagram)

Have you ever been looking at a product that claimed it was waterproof, but wondered to yourself exactly how waterproof it is? We’ve all been there before. The watch manufacturer Festina came up with an excellent product packaging solution to market their watches in their retail stores. They sold their waterproof watches in bags of water, similar to how pet stores sell goldfish. What better way to demonstrate the watches waterproof durability?

4. Wine Innovation’s Tulip Wine Glasses

(Photo Credit: Wine Innovations Website)

Humans have been drinking wine for thousands of years, but not until Wine Innovations launched their Tulip glasses have wine lovers been able to enjoy a single serve wine experience. These elegant and eco-friendly plastic glasses utilize a similar product packaging as yogurt, having an air-tight lid that peels off when ready for use.

5. Kleenex Fruit Shaped Boxes

(Photo Credit: Kleenex)

In the quest for shelf appeal, manufacturers can go a lot of different directions. Some deploy graphics, others punch language in stylish text. Kleenex went with this creative and eye-grabbing product packaging design where the traditional tissue box is designed and shaped like delicious summer fruit.  

6. Nike Air Shoes

(Photo Credit: Nike)

For the release of a new model of their signature Air Max Trainers, Nike let their creativity shine by packaging the shoes in an air-tight bag. The transparent bag allowed customers to see the shoes as if they were floating inside the bag. The typical sizing information and Nike branding found on the traditional shoe box was printed strategically on the exterior of the bag.

7. NYC Spaghetti

(Photo Credit: Alex Creamer)

Product packaging in pasta is not a sector that you expect to see a much innovation and creativity, but the NYC Spaghetti packaging designed by Alex Creamer breaks the mold. Using a model similar to the pin art toys that were popular in the 90s, this packaging uses an insert in the bottom of the container that pushes the spaghetti noodles upward to create a replica of the Empire State Building.

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