About Us

Experienced Experts in Flexographic Printing

Dedicated. Innovative. Experienced. For almost 30 years, Flexo Impressions has provided high quality, eye-catching flexographic printing solutions for pressure-sensitive labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging. Our goal? To exceed your expectations by providing the service, quality, technology and innovation you need to bring great products – and smart business solutions – to light.

How do we do it?

At Flexo, delivering customers outstanding products and sensational customer experiences starts with our committed staff of experienced professionals. Our leadership doesn’t have years of experience under their belts, they have decades of it. Their time-tested industry knowledge allows them to confront any printing task or challenge with confidence and wisdom. The foundation of our excellent leadership trickles down throughout our organization, leaving us with a great collection of talented people all working in harmony towards a common goal: delivering our clients the best flexographic printing solutions possible.

They key to our top-of-the-line technology is our commitment, and investment, to innovation. At Flexo Impressions, we see technology as a fluid science. It’s constantly evolving and improving. Because of that, we are always keeping our eyes toward the future. Don’t get us wrong, we love the way we do things. But we also know that products and processes can always improve as new technologies enter the marketplace. We’re persistent in our approach to exploring the latest industry trends and innovations, and finding a way to implement them into delivering our customers even better printing solutions.

The third way we ensure that we exceed customer expectations is through our approach to customer service. We take pride in the printing solutions that we provide for you, and we measure our success through the success you have with the products we supply for you. Our products are not merely stickers to place on your products: they’re a vital extension of your brand.

Speaking of those products, three of the primary solutions we provide for our customers are shrink sleeve labels, flexible packaging and pressure sensitive labels.

Shrink Sleeve Labels

We offer sleek, durable and cost-effective shrink sleeve labels that will give your products some serious shelf appeal. With shrink sleeve labels, you no longer have to worry about empty space on your products. These labels are custom-fit to cover the entirety of your products to ensure your products both stand out from the competition, and that the contents of your products are secure beneath the packaging.

To learn more about our shrink sleeve labels, visit our comprehensive shrink sleeve labels page.  

Flexible Packaging

Not all products call for traditional packaging. That’s where our line of flexible packaging products comes into the picture. Today’s customer is always on the move and they want products that are convenient to their busy lifestyle. Our versatile, functional and convenient, flexible packaging is the perfect fit of them. Our flexible packaging products can be custom fit to store a wide range of shapes and styles. Whether you need to package liquids, powders or solid products, our team can find you the perfect solution.

To learn more about all the unique ways you can package your products, visit our flexible packaging page.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

The old adage warning people “not to judge a book by its cover” means well, but is very rarely practiced by your customers. The way your labels broadcast your product to customers will go a long way in whether or not they choose your product, or a competitor’s.

Our labels will give your products the flair and shelf appeal they deserve. We’ve been fortunate enough to supply some stunning and sturdy labels to some awesome brands. We’ve created pressure-sensitive labels for industries such as food and beverage, wines and spirits, beauty and household chemicals and a long list of other retail merchandisers.

To learn more and to catch a glimpse of some of our pressure sensitive labels, take a look at our pressure sensitive labels page.