Managed Inventory Program

Your Products, Our Solutions

If you are responsible for ordering and managing large quantities of labels and/or flexible packaging solutions, ask your sales representative about the Flexo Impressions Managed Inventory Program. This customizable program provides cost-effective label printing and inventory monitoring services on a consistent and reliable basis.


Flexo Impressions’ Managed Label Inventory program enables you to:

  • Apply the cost benefit of larger volume runs to an inventory management service – and in some cases, reduce the overall supply cost
  • Eliminate the need for storage and tracking at your own facility
  • Ensure consistent product availability to eliminate outages or rush orders
  • Minimize administrative costs associated with frequent ordering and billing

How It Works

Based on your order volume and order frequency, your sales representative will recommend an approach for managing how your labels and packaging products are produced and inventoried:

  • Pick and Pack Option – Designed for companies who need small quantities of different labels and/or packaging for various products on a frequent basis. Ideal for companies with multiple locations – each location can order what they need, when they need it, with no minimum orders.
  • Bulk Shipment Option – A smart choice for companies who need higher volumes of the same label or packaging shipped on a less frequent intervals.

When the inventory depletes to a designated level, Flexo Impressions will reprint and restock the product. Your sales representative will meet with you on a quarterly basis to review your projected forecast and determine if any adjustments need to be made.

The Managed Inventory Program at Work

Learn how Kowalski’s Markets¬†uses the Managed Label Inventory, Pick and Pack option to ensure its local markets can efficiently label their 40+¬†different snack and food products. Read the Case Study.

To get started, simply contact your sales representative for a complimentary, customized assessment.