How to Apply Pressure-Sensitive Labels

September 19, 2018

Pressure-sensitive labels are a fantastic investment for manufacturers in need of product packaging that maximizes efficiency and shelf appeal. That’s why brands across a wide range of industries leverage these packaging assets to set their products apart from competitors and ensure that they reach consumers in excellent condition. Best of all, pressure-sensitive labels are very affordable and easy to apply by hand or machine, making them compatible with manufacturers of any size or specialty.

At Flexo Impressions, we take pride in connecting manufacturers across the nation with simple, cost-effective packaging solutions that deliver better business results. Our labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging empower brands to increase the efficiency and shelf appeal of their products, fostering improved sales and customer engagement in the process. If your business is looking into pressure-sensitive labels, you probably have questions about exactly how challenging it will be to incorporate these solutions into your current workflows. So today, we’ll be walking you through the basics of applying pressure-sensitive labels to your products.

A Rundown on Pressure-Sensitive Label Application

Considering the popularity of pressure-sensitive labels, it’s no surprise that they’re easy to apply. Unlike many alternatives, these labels don’t require water, heat or solvent to activate their adhesion. That’s because pressure-sensitive labels operate just like high-performance stickers; all you have to do is peel off their liner and stick them on. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide for hand-applying pressure-sensitive labels to show you what we mean.

1. Separating the Label

Carefully separate the liner from the label (rather than peeling the label from the liner). It might sound arbitrary, but this approach actually plays an important part in minimizing curl created during separation and allowing you to apply a flat label to your substrate.

2. Applying Pressure

Pressure-sensitive labels don’t require special activating agents, but they do need adequate pressure to bond properly. Once you’ve removed your liner from the label, simply apply your label to the substrate of your packaging. Take care to ensure the label is evenly applied, and that each part of it makes contact with the substrate.

3. Completing the Bond

After your label is properly placed on the container, all you have to do is rub the label down thoroughly with your hand to ensure it adheres correctly. Be sure to pay close attention to the corners and sides of the label to make sure they’ve bonded completely.

Thanks to automation, applying pressure-sensitive labels via machines is even simpler than applying them by hand. There are many different types of pressure-sensitive labelers you can use to streamline your packaging process, and each of them work slightly differently. You’ll want to reach out to a professional printing company (like us!) for specific insights and advice on these machines. This partner can help you find the optimal solution for your specific production demands and constraints.

Choosing the Right Pressure-Sensitive Label Option

While applying pressure-sensitive labels is a breeze, it can still be challenging to find the ideal labeling solutions for your business. For example, pressure-sensitive labels can be delivered in different forms, with the most popular options being rolls and fan-folded. One of these forms may work better for your production line depending on how you want to apply your labels. For example, if you have larger volumes of labels or intend to use an applicator, you’ll want to stick with label rolls. However, if you have a large selection of different labels in small quantities, you should probably have them fan-folded. (Fan-folded labels provide easier access to all of the unique labels you’ll need to apply.)

Once you’ve selected an application system for your pressure-sensitive labels, it’s time to look into finding the best printing partner for your business. Here’s a recap on our capabilities to help you determine whether we’re the best fit for your enterprise.

Pressure-Sensitive Labels With Flexo Impressions

At Flexo, we offer a wide range of pressure-sensitive solutions, including prime and secondary, specialty and digital labels—allowing you to choose the perfect packaging assets for your unique products. Our labels combine dazzling designs and flexibility with intuitive application, making them suitable for nearly any bottle, can, container or package. Whether you’re looking to create simple labels or cutting-edge packaging with complex designs, Flexo Impressions can help. Our labels offer robust protection from a wide variety of environmental threats, including direct sunlight, high-wattage artificial light, moisture and more. Flexo labels can also withstand falls and scrapes, keeping your products in prime condition during transportation or storage.

Versatility is the name of the game here at Flexo. Our printing professionals can help you choose from a wide range of label sizes, shapes, materials and adhesive types—ensuring that you receive the best solution for your products and business objectives. And, of course, we can work with you to determine which application style will be easiest and most cost effective for your team. No matter how ambitious or demanding your labeling goals are, Flexo can provide the support and expertise to help you meet and exceed them every time.

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