Engineered Solutions

The customer: Aervoe

Business situation:

Aervoe Industries manufactures Super Metal, a spray paint that produces a highly metallic finish. The customer wanted a packaging label that would mimic the lustrous finish of the paint.

Their original label had been produced on a special metallic biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) material, which helped to achieve the desired effect. While the label looked nice, there were several factors that made producing the label difficult. The BOPP material was expensive; it required large minimum orders; and printing it involved long lead times — up to 14 weeks.



Flexo Impression’s highly experienced R&D and production teams collaborated with the client to research, experiment and ultimately develop an engineered solution that eliminated the metallic BOPP, as well as all of the production issues associated with it. By combining white BOPP and cold foil, the R&D team was able to quickly and efficiently produce better effects than the original metallic BOPP.