Flexible Packaging

The customer: Dr. In the Kitchen

Business Situation:

The team at Dr. in the Kitchen came to us with Seedsters™, a new gluten-free organic snack that they wanted packaged in a unique way that was customer-friendly, sustainable, and easy-to-use. While they received quotes to have the product printed and produced overseas, they had a strong desire to keep the business local.



An experienced Flexo Impressions sales representative consulted with the company to better understand their goals, then guided them to develop a flexible packaging solution that satisfied their needs. Dr. Kitchen ultimately selected a stand-up pouch for a wide variety of reason — it’s attractive, re-sealable, lightweight, easy-to-open and sustainable.

In addition, we were able to ensure that all of the printing and production would be done locally in Minnesota. The material was printed at Flexo Impressions. Through a partnership with a local company, the pouch converting and filling was performed in Minnesota as well.

The product has received excellent customer response, and is now sold in major health food and grocery stores nationwide.