Supplier Inventory Management Program

The customer:  Kowalski’s Markets

Business Situation: 

Kowalski’s operates 10 markets, with locations throughout Minnesota. Within the various locations, there are over 40 snack and food product items, each with their own SKU.  The popularity and usage of each of these products varies greatly — depending on the market location, seasonality and internal promotions.

A client for over 7 years, Kowalski’s realized that the multiple number of store locations and product SKUs — combined with sporadic, short-run ordering — made managing inventory and ordering difficult and more expensive.  Further, if a market ran out of a particular label, they were unable to sell the product, which would ultimately result in multiple missed opportunities to generate a sale.



By reviewing Kowalski’s past order history, Flexo Impressions was able to identify trends and patterns to develop a SKU-based supplier managed inventory program. This program allows us to print, inventory, and ship the labels where and when they needed, eliminating label shortages for the customer.  In addition, Kowalski’s also benefits from being able to apply the cost benefit of larger volume runs to a supplier inventory management service.