When to Choose Roll-Fed Labels for Your Products

August 1, 2018

Roll-red labels provide consumer goods manufacturers with a customer printed label solution that can give their brand and product a vital boost. A fit for containers made from metal, plastic, or glass, roll-fed labels are a practical label solution. Eye-catching for consumers and economical for manufacturers, roll-fed labels are ideal for all kinds of products.

How do you know when you should choose roll-fed labels for your product? We’ll provide you with an overview of roll-fed labels, as well as highlight some of the differences between them and pressure sensitive labels.

Benefits of Roll-Fed Labels

Roll-red labels are great for manufacturers who are looking to boost their products branding and shelf appeal while keeping production costs low.

Cost Effective

When compared to sheet labels and pressure sensitive labels, roll-fed labels are much cheaper on a per label basis. Roll-fed labels also store well which allows manufacturers to print and order in bulk, adding to their cost effectiveness.

Faster and Easier to Print

Roll-fed labels print faster than other label solutions, which allows manufacturers to increase their productivity. For operations that require large batch prints, having an applicator and printer on site increases productivity even more.

More Branding Opportunities

Compared to other label solutions, roll fed labels can wrap around the entirety of a product. By covering a larger portion of the product, these labels provide increased branding and marketing opportunities.

Versatile Fit

Roll-fed labels can be custom designed to fit an array of different products, making them a very versatile solution.  

Variant Materials

There are plenty of options available to manufacturers when selecting the type of material they want their roll-fed labels to be made from. Variant material options allow for more choices when designing the look and feel of your labels.

Roll-Fed Labels vs. Pressure Sensitive Labels

Roll-fed labels wrap around your product’s container, boosting the space you have to give your product shelf appeal. In this way they’re similar to shrink sleeve labels, but without the seaming process, which contributes to roll-fed labels being a cheaper alternative.

A label type that manufacturers commonly compare roll-fed labels to is pressure sensitive labels. Pressure sensitive labels differ from roll-fed in a few ways, but the primary difference is that pressure sensitive labels attach to directly onto the product’s containers through an adhesive material. Pressure sensitive labels are easier to apply then shrink sleeves or roll-fed labels.

There are a number of different types of pressure sensitive labels that are comparable to roll-fed labels. At Flexo Impressions, we offer primary and secondary labels, speciality labels, and digital labels.

Roll-Fed Labels with Flexo Impressions

Flexo Impressions supports a wide range of custom, roll-fed label solutions. We offer a diverse selection of material options and paper substrates designed to accommodate the unique requirements of both shaped and straight-wall containers. Our experienced team of labeling experts will guide your through the process from initial concept to final distribution.

Whether your products call for shrink sleeves, roll-fed labels, or pressure sensitive labels, we have the flexographic printing solutions that will allow your products to stick out amongst the competition. Contact us today to learn more about our commitment to providing quality solutions and service to our customers.

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