Choosing the Best Label Solution for Your Product

September 12, 2018

As new technologies and products emerge, innovative packaging solutions rise to meet them. Modern manufacturers have an endless number of labeling options to choose from—making it harder than ever to decide which options will deliver the greatest business impact. And, just to complicate matters further, not all of these packaging products offer the same level of quality, efficiency and shelf appeal. That’s why it’s so essential to research your options before investing in any one solution. Luckily, your friends here at Flexo are here to help.

For almost 30 years, Flexo Impressions has been connecting manufacturers spanning many industries with smart, versatile labels and packaging. We take pride in offering all the resources and support you need to find the right packaging products for your unique business needs. So today, we’ll be diving into the latest and greatest labeling solutions to help you find the best product labels for your enterprise.

1. Shrink Sleeve Labels

Today’s customers face an overwhelming number of options as they scan along the shelves, which is why it’s critical to make your products as eye-catching and engaging as possible. With shrink sleeve labels, you can adorn every inch of your products with compelling colors, artwork and messaging—drawing customers in and cutting through the clutter of competing brands.

Along with top-class shelf appeal, shrink sleeves are incredibly versatile, providing 360-degree exposure and a seamless fit on containers of all sizes and shapes. This advantage makes shrink sleeves suitable for almost any type of product in any industry. Last but not least, these labeling solutions are exceptionally durable, providing strong protection from water damage, scuffs and other environmental threats.

Shrink sleeves are ideal for the following types of products:

Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Pressure-sensitive labels are suitable for a range of consumer goods products.These intuitive labeling solutions can be directly applied to containers by hand or machine like a high-performance sticker. They’re also compatible with an array of bottles and packaging; as long as there’s a smooth-sided surface on the container, pressure-sensitive labels can be applied to it. Another key advantage of these labels is their potential for customization. You can design your pressure-sensitive labels in nearly any shape, size or color—giving you endless opportunities to create impactful, eye-catching designs to attract customers and set your products apart.

Pressure-sensitive labels are one of the most economical packaging options around. These labeling solutions don’t require any specialized machinery for application and enable smaller batches and printing runs, which makes them great for labeling promotional and seasonal products. Lastly, pressure-sensitive solutions can be made from a host of durable materials that offer robust product protection. For example, our pressure-sensitive labels are highly resistant to sunlight, artificial light, hot and cold temperatures, chemicals, moisture and other environmental hazards—lending peerless strength and consistency to your products.

Pressure-sensitive labels are a great fit for the following types of products:

Roll-Fed Labels

For manufacturers in need of cost-efficient and attractive packaging, roll-fed labels are a natural choice. These fully customizable labeling solutions are compatible with any square, cylindrical or rectangular containers made of glass, plastic or metal, making them popular among a wide range of industries. However, the superb visual appeal of roll-fed labels makes them particularly useful in food, beverage and household product markets—sectors that lean heavily on eye-catching packaging. One key difference between pressure-sensitive and roll-fed labels is that the latter are printed on unsupported paper or film, making them non-adhesive. Roll-fed labels are fully wrapped around products, offering 360-degree exposure for attractive designs, colors and essential product information.

Because they’re designed to accommodate so many different types of products, roll-fed labels are highly customizable. You can create roll-fed labels using a selection of different materials and paper substrates to accommodate your specific container types. These materials also offer strong protection from scratches, scuffs and contaminants—making roll-fed labels fully compliant with product integrity and sanitation requirements. Roll-feds bring impressive cost efficiency to your enterprise because of how affordable they are to create and apply compared to other labeling solutions. In short, if you’re seeking unique, instantly identifiable product labels that compliment your brand, then roll-feds should be at the top of your list.

Roll-fed labels are perfect for the following product types:

Perfect Your Product Packaging With Flexo Impressions

Ready to find the best product labels for your business? Then be sure to call or message Flexo today. Also, feel free to reach out if you’d like to learn more about us and our industry-leading labeling solutions. Whether you’re seeking high-quality food labels, beer labels for your craft beverage business, or any other type of labeling solution, Flexo has you covered. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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