Why Flexible Packaging is So Appealing to Millennials

May 8, 2018

Paying close attention to the buying habits and shopping trends of millennials (the generational group representing people born between 1982 and 1996) is nothing new for businesses. As millennials have matured and become the most-populated generation in the United States, businesses of all industries have had to adjust their marketing strategies and product offerings in order to appeal to millennials.

For consumer goods manufacturers, one of the packaging trends having an impact in 2018 is targeting millennial consumers through product packaging. Unlike other forms of media that can be tuned out by consumers in today’s digital world, a product’s packaging is something that consumers are forced to observe when making their vital purchasing decision in stores and online. And millennials have demonstrated that they prefer flexible packaging when selecting products.

Here are a few reasons why millennials are so drawn to flexible packaging.

Millennials are Experience Seekers

It’s hard to generalize an entire generation of people in a few characteristics, but one prevailing characteristic that many millennials exhibit is an increased value placed on experience. An emphasis and value on experience reveals itself for millennials in their travel habits and activities, but it also is demonstrated through the types of products and product packaging they are most likely to purchase and pledge loyalty to.

While many manufacturers choose their products packaging options based on a blend of shelf appeal, product protection, and cost, some manufacturers are starting to place an increased focus into how consumers experience using their product.

When factoring how their consumers will engage and experience their products when making packaging decisions, manufacturers are sending a signal to millennials that they want their business.

By arming their products with flexible packaging, manufacturers enable themselves to be creative with how they structurally package their products and how they deploy their graphic design and branding efforts. By creating a packaging solution that defies the industry norms and offers consumers a unique experience, brands are positioning themselves to have greater appeal to millennials.

Convenient for Snacking and Sharing

Another trend that is unique to millennials is their high frequency of snacking. Millennials snack at a higher rate than other generations, and they also have a habit of broadcasting their snacking choices with their social networks. Think about the millennials in your social circles. How often do they snap a picture of a new brand of coffee they are enjoying or a post a mouth-watering review about what they had for lunch? The snacking habits of millennials provide excellent opportunities for food and beverage manufacturers to convert the influential and vast millennial generation into loyal customers.

A great way to do so is by utilizing the on-the-go advantages that flexible packaging present.

Flexible packaging is a tremendous packaging solution for food and beverage manufacturers looking to take advantage of the snacking trends of millennials. Millennials flock to flexible packaging due to it being a versatile, functional, and convenient option. Specific to their snacking habits, millennials love how easily products outfitted with flexible packaging mesh with their on-the-go lifestyles.

One particularly popular form of flexible packaging in the snacking industry are pouches. Pouches have wide faces that give manufacturers plenty of design room for branding, which allows millennials to easily broadcast your brand and product to their social circles. Additionally, pouches seal easily, prolonging the freshness of the product within, and are easy to bring on-the-go with their lightweight shape and size.

Eco Friendly

According to a recent Nielsen study, about 53% of millennials say they will pay more for a product if the product’s packaging is environmentally friendly. Millennials tend to be more environmentally conscious than their older-generational counterparts, and place a greater value on how brands market their environmental efforts, as well as the overall impact and sustainability of their products and product packaging. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that millennials prefer the eco-friendly elements of flexible packaging.

When it comes to choosing the most eco-friendly packaging materials, flexible packaging offers manufacturers with the greatest variety and versatility.

In order to appeal to millennial consumers, brands should look into packaging their products with eco-friendly materials, and broadcast their environmental efforts clearly on their products so that millennials take notice.

Flexible Packaging with Flexo Impressions

At Flexo Impressions, we specialize in creating flexible packaging solutions for our clients that appeal to consumers of all ages. If your brand is seeking to boost your product’s consumer appeal, let us help.

Whether you’re looking for a stand-up pouch with a resealable zipper to provide your snack product with a convenient and secure packaging solution, or if you’re seeking  a more eco-friendly material to package your beverage product, Flexo Impressions can help.

Our knowledgeable sales team can help you navigate the wide variety of substrates, inks, and finishing options in order to identify and develop the right solution for your products.

Take a look at our flexible packaging case study to see how one of our clients utilized our flexible packaging services to greatly improve their product’s national exposure.


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