Flexible Packaging

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Flexible packaging is a packaging option that is able to take a variety of forms and shapes to best fit the product it’s covering. Bags, pouches, liners, overwraps, there’s no shortage of packaging choices for manufacturers to choose from. Flexible packages are used for consumer and institutional products and in industrial applications, to protect, market, and distribute a vast array of products.




Versatile, functional and convenient, flexible packaging is perfectly suited for today’s always-on-the-go consumers. Available in a wide range of shapes and styles, it is ideal for liquid, powder or solid products and a popular alternative for packaging nutraceuticals, food, drink mixes and household products.

Offering countless benefits including reduced packaging weight, convenience, durability, and re-closures for product freshness – it’s easy to see why flexible packaging has quickly become a popular packaging alternative.

Benefits of Flexible Packaging for Manufacturers

Flexible packaging is one of the fastest growing packaging options in the industry. Today’s customers are always changing, which means the way you package and sell your products needs to change as well. By combining the best qualities of plastic, film, paper and aluminum foil, flexible packaging gives manufacturers a fantastic packaging option without using much material. Leading the way in packaging innovation, flexible packaging adds value and marketability to both food and non-food products.

Benefits of Flexible Packaging for Your Customers

Your customers appreciate value. And with flexible packaging, your products can offer your customers even more value.


The unique ability of flexible packaging to take any form and be made from many different materials allows for numerous industries to take advantage of all the advantages of flexible packaging. Some of the industries we’ve worked with in that past that have used flexible packaging for their products include but are not limited to:

Flexible Approach, Countless Options, Flexo Impressions

Most brand owners aren’t able to support their own blending, filling, and printing equipment to manufacture their own packaging. That’s where Flexo Impressions comes into the picture. Flexo Impressions works with the brand owners, co-packers and private label companies to create the flexible packaging.

At Flexo Impressions, our narrow-web presses are ideal for single-serve pouches or sample packets that require HD print quality, quick turn times and short runs for test marketing.

Whether you’re looking for a stand-up pouch with a re-sealable zipper or a laminated pouch for liquid that features a fitment installation, Flexo Impressions can help. Our knowledgeable sales team can help you navigate the wide variety of substrates, inks and finishing options in order to identify and develop the right solution for your products.

Want to see some of our work? Take a look at some of our case studies to see the variety of partners we’ve made packaging and label solutions for.



From pillow packs and stick packs to stand-up pouches and packets, flexible packaging is a smart, sustainable way to enclose a wide variety of products.

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