3 Industries Perfect for Shrink Sleeves

June 29, 2018

Shrink sleeves are an incredibly versatile packaging solution for consumer goods manufacturers. Whether your company deals in food, wine, craft beer or industrial items, shrink sleeve labels can be used to maximize the safety and shelf appeal of your products through 360-degree protection and exposure. That’s why more and more manufacturers are incorporating this attractive and flexible option into their packaging repertoire.

At Flexo Impressions, we empower consumer goods manufacturers with powerful flexographic printing solutions for pressure-sensitive labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging. Our mission? To help your business develop unique, eye-popping labels and packaging that sets you apart from competitors and drives sales. Over the past three decades, we’ve helped many manufacturers break ahead of the pack with gorgeous shrink sleeve labels. So today, to give you a better understanding of whether shrink sleeves are the right choice for your business, we’ll be discussing three industries that are a natural fit for this packaging option.

1. Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry is incredibly competitive—and more brands will continue to emerge as the sector expands in the coming years. Considering the wealth of product options at their disposal, food and beverage customers often compare and choose between presented items within a matter of seconds. Consequently, manufacturers in the industry are always seeking new ways to make their packaging more engaging to attract and convert shoppers. And that’s where shrink packaging factors in.

Unlike traditional labeling options, shrink sleeve labels cover every inch of food and beverage containers, opening up the potential for creative product marketing. Various designs and inks can be used to create vibrant, creative product labels that convey the personality of your brand and compel shoppers to purchase. Shrink sleeve labels are also scratch-resistant and waterproof, providing robust protection for your packaged food or beverage items. You can even choose between traditional and transparent shrink sleeve labels to obstruct or showcase the contents of your product, allowing you to experiment with various designs and diversify product aesthetics. In short, shrink sleeves combine exceptional strength with potent shelf appeal, making them a natural fit for just about any food or beverage good.

2. Health & Beauty

Product packaging plays a major role in enhancing shelf appeal, particularly for items in the health and beauty industry. To catch the attention of health and beauty customers, your packaging needs to present the same the elegance, style and beauty your product offers. And with shrink sleeve labels, your team can make a phenomenal first impression on prospective buyers through impactful, creative packaging.

Shrink sleeve labels provide 360-degree coverage for your health and beauty products, allowing you to customize every inch of your product packaging with compelling colors and designs. This feature opens up a range of creative possibilities for product aesthetics. And with the right flexible packaging partner, your shrink sleeves will perfectly match your brand’s unique visual elements, ensuring total brand integrity. Whether your team specializes in body lotions or dietary supplements, shrink sleeve labels are a fantastic way to protect and promote your products.

3. Craft Beverages

The craft beverage industry is still bustling in 2018, introducing a range of growth opportunities and potential threats to its manufacturers. As new brands continue to emerge in this highly competitive market, craft beverage manufacturers are turning to unique product packaging to set their offerings apart from competitors and drive brand awareness among consumers. Considering the fact that modern shoppers take scant seconds to assess and choose between products, safeguarding products in durable, attractive and distinct packaging has never been more important for craft beverage brands.

Shrink sleeves for cans are one of the most underrated labeling options for craft beverages. Not only can this labeling option help differentiate your products from the competition through vibrant colors, crisp artwork and unique finishes, but it’s also fast enough to accommodate time-sensitive events and opportunities. Whether you need to quickly label an order of seasonal brews or create a unique line of labels for a big promotional event, shrink sleeves for cans are an excellent choice. Be sure to look into this approach if you want to increase the flexibility of your labeling operations without compromising on quality or price.

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