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Today’s consumers have unlimited options when it comes to shopping for food and beverages. Thanks to Flexo Impressions, you’ll enjoy the same flexibility when it comes to packaging your products.

Today’s food and beverage consumers have unlimited options. Lots of options will often lead consumers to make quick, thoughtless decisions. Quite often they decide what they will buy within a blink of an eye. Typically a consumer will spend less than 5 seconds to decide which product they’re going purchase. Is your product doing enough to capture their attention in this short span of time? The food and beverage market is a crowded one, and there are few indications of that slowing up. The food and beverage sector is expected to have a 13.3% volume growth by 2022. While that’s great for the overall health of the industry, that also means more competition is on the horizon.

That competition means that your product will need to stand out on the shelf and differentiate itself from the pack. With so many new product launches and other brands experimenting with new trends in labels and packaging, it is important that your product’s packaging and label looks just as appetizing and appealing on the outside, as it does once it is opened and enjoyed by the consumer.

So how do food and beverage manufacturers increase their shelf appeal?

Labels & Packaging Options for Food and Beverage Products

If you want your label to pop off the shelves, Flexo Impressions can help. We’ve worked with hundreds of food and beverage brands to provide stunning, HD labels. One of the advantages of working with Flexo Impressions is the variety of label and packaging solutions. Our labeling solutions include:

Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Food and Beverage products have to both appeal to consumers and provide pertinent nutritional information. To accomplish each of these tasks in one fell swoop, many food and beverage manufacturers choose to use prime and secondary labels. Prime labels handle the shelf appeal for your product. They feature logos, graphics, branding, and your product’s name. A secondary label is the info-heavy part of your product’s label. It will detail your nutritional information that consumers will consult while considering their purchase.  Not manufacturing many products? Perhaps digital printed pressure-sensitive labels are a better fit.

Shrink Sleeve Labels

With shrink sleeve labels from Flexo Impressions, you won’t need to worry about attracting customers to your products. Allow the eye-catching art and branding you’ve designed to showcase your products from every angle with our 360-degree shrink sleeves. For food and beverage manufacturers, shrink sleeve labels allow you to either showcase the contents of your product with a transparent label, or obstruct it.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is perfect for today’s on-the-go customer as it allows manufacturers to create unique and versatile packaging from a variety of materials. The flexibility in the shape and materials of the packaging allow food and beverage manufacturers to be more competitive on the shelf, and reduce packaging weight to drive down costs of production.

Custom Label Printing With Flexo Impressions

For almost 30 years, Flexo Impressions has provided high-quality, eye-catching custom label printing solutions for pressure-sensitive labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging. We’ve helped a wide array of manufacturers get the most out of their label and packaging, especially manufacturers in the food and beverage sector.

Strategically located in the Midwest, our state-of-the-art facility is big enough to support a wide range of custom label and packaging design capabilities, yet small enough to provide the essential, one-on-one, personal service that makes doing business a pleasure. Anyone can make a label. But not everyone takes the time to provide great customer service, expert marketing advice, quality and innovation — and that makes the difference. Meet our people. Tour our facility. See our capabilities.