Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Visual Appeal, Superior Performance

For manufacturers that are looking for a product label that features a dazzling design, easy application, and superior protection, pressure sensitive labels are the perfect solution. Pressure-sensitive labels are a staple in the marketing world — particularly for the food and beverage industry where a label needs to be both creative and protective. Also known as pressure-sensitive adhesives, pressure sensitive labels deliver visual appeal that will grab your customer’s attention and protect your product from the time it leaves the plant through the time that your customers finish using it. With superior performance, you’ll never need to worry about your labels peeling or deteriorating again!

What Are Pressure Sensitive Labels?

A pressure-sensitive label is a label that can be directly and easily applied to a product’s packaging. It operates similarly to a high-performance sticker. While many labels require heat, water, or a solvent to activate their adhesion, pressure sensitive labels are ready to go without activation. They can be manufactured using a variety of materials, but are most often made of either paper, film, or foil. The type of material used is often dependent upon the surface it’s being applied to, or the ink that is used to design the exterior of the label.  

The easy application of pressure sensitive labels is a big contributor to their popularity. Pressure sensitive labels make for a user-friendly application process for manufacturers; regardless of whether they apply their labels by hand or use a machine for the application. These versatile, custom-designed labels arrive in a roll that allows for an easy and consistent peel-and-stick application process.

Industries that Use Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive labels can be applied to nearly any bottle, can, container, or package, which makes them an ideal solution for a wide range of industries. Some of the industries that we have provided pressure sensitive labels to include:

Types of Pressure Sensitive Labels

The primary types of pressure sensitive labels we provide at Flexo Impressions include:

Prime and Secondary Labels

A prime label is the attention-seeking element your product needs. It’s the large, front-side part of your label that features text and graphics and broadcast what the product is, and what company manufactured it. It will be the first thing that your customers see and will serve as the face of your product. After all, a picture’s worth a thousand words.

A secondary label supports your prime label by providing consumers with information about the specific product they’re thinking about buying. Examples of secondary labels include product instructions, assembly instructions, product components, health warnings, ingredients, and nutritional facts.

Speciality Labels

Speciality labels are labels that require a unique size, material, or dimension to fit a particular product. There are many ways to bottle and/or package products today, which make a standard, cookie-cutter approach to labeling unsatisfactory for many manufacturers. By offering labels that are designed and created to uniquely address the demands of a particular product or brand, our specialty labels can tackle virtually any label-related problem and reward manufacturers with superior versatility.

Digital Labels

Not all manufacturers want their labels in bulk. Digital labels are the perfect solution for a manufacturer who requires attention-grabbing labels to be printed in small quantities. Digital labels are a fast and efficient labeling solution that work great for manufacturers that either produce their products in small batches, are subject to ingredient and regulation changes, experiment with new and promotional products, or that simply want to reduce the cost of ownership.

Pressure Sensitive Labels Offer Quality Protection

Pressure-sensitive labels provide you with the flexibility to create eye-catching labels that bring higher shelf appeal to your products. But what about protection? Many products experience a range of temperatures, exposures, and conditions as they travel from the production plant to your customer’s homes. Have no fear; Flexo Impressions has the capability to create pressure sensitive labels that protect your product from the following:

Pressure Sensitive Labels With Flexo Impressions

Whether you’re looking for cutting-edge labels to build your brand or durable labels that are designed to withstand the elements, Flexo Impressions has the pressure sensitive label solution that’s right for you. Within our diverse selection of custom, pressure-sensitive label solutions you’ll be able to give your product the visually-striking design you desire without jeopardizing the protection standards you require. Choose from a wide range of options that vary in size, shape, material, and adhesive type. Whether you require a label that can be easily removed or one that is permanent, Flexo Impressions has you covered.  

Step-by-step, our professional team of labeling experts, will work with you to achieve the look you want and produce a pressure-sensitive label solution that achieves your business objectives. Contact us today to learn more about how our pressure sensitive labels can improve your product marketing.