Specialty Labels

specialty-labelsUnique Challenges, Innovative Solutions

 Whether it’s developing product packaging and containers for a food and beverage company or working with an advertising agency to produce attention grabbing promotional giveaways and coupons — Flexo Impressions works with a wide variety of customers from all types of industries. Together, we explore new possibilities and develop new creative solutions that satisfy their unique labeling and packaging solutions.

What do YOU want to achieve? Whatever the labeling or packaging challenge, count on Flexo Impressions to help. Our experienced sales consultants and R&D team are ready to assist you in identifying and defining your special requirements and determining an optimal approach for achieving your specialty label objectives.

Our specialty label solutions include:

  • Coupon labels. Available in a wide variety of constructions and options — including dry release, multi-layered, patterned adhesives, and instant redeemable coupons (IRCs) — coupon labels are often used for sweepstakes, rebates, game pieces, promotions and discounts.

  • Variable printing. A technique used for consecutive numbering or bar-coding labels, variable printing makes it easy and affordable to change the text or image from one label to the next. Want more information? Read the Case Study.  

  • Direct Mail Labels. Designed to attract a mail recipient’s attention, direct mail labels often peel-off and can be redeemed or reapplied to another print piece. They are dry-release or piggyback labels that are placed on a postcard for a promotion or special offer.

  • Piggyback Labels. As its name suggests, piggyback labels are multi-layer labels that are designed to “ride” on top of a printed product. The bottom layer adheres to the product or form and the top layer is removed and reapplied or used elsewhere. They’re ideal for a variety of applications including direct mail pieces, RSVP or business reply cards, temporary membership cards, return address labels and more.

  • Cover-Up Labels. Cover-up labels are a cost-effective and efficient way to hide or cover-up dated or erroneous text or graphics on labels, packages, aerosol cans or tubes. An opaque coating is printed from the underside, so that nothing from beneath the label can show through.