Why Shrink Sleeve Labels Will Boost the Shelf Appeal of Your Bottle Products

April 9, 2018

You spend a lot of time and resources making sure that your product is the best that it can be. But if customers don’t feast their eyes upon your bottled product when they’re shopping at the store, all of the hard work is for naught.

That is why shelf appeal is such a high priority for manufacturers of consumer goods. Regardless of the industry that a bottled product is vying for eyeballs in, the competition to do so is stiff. Whether you’re a craft beer manufacturer or you produce household cleaning products, consumers are making a quick decision between purchasing your product or one of the various competitors that are located near them on store shelves. How can producers of bottled products win the fight for shelf appeal?

One way is by choosing shrink sleeve labels.

Shrink Sleeve Labels

Shrink sleeve labels are a modern labeling solution that allow products to use the entirety of their packaging to attract customers. Shrink sleeves have a full-body design that provides 360-degree exposure. These eye-popping labels are designed to be applied to the precise dimensions of a given container or bottle.

By covering every inch of the container or bottle that your product is protected by, shrink sleeve labels allow you to save money by selecting a cheaper or more generic-looking container.

Boost the Shelf Appeal of Bottle Products

Your bottled product faces intense competition. By selecting shrink sleeves for your labeling solution, you give your bottled product the best chance to capture the attention of consumers.

360-Degree Coverage

With a shrink sleeve label on your bottled product, you can cover as much of the bottle as you want. Instead of seeing the material your bottle is made of, the customer will see your brand, product information, and the best of your product marketing.

More Room for Creative Product Marketing

Your brand packaging is a vital part of your marketing toolbox. With shrink sleeves, your design team won’t be tied down by the restrictions standard bottle labeling. Instead, they’ll have a wide open canvas to appeal to consumers by using the entire bottle.

Great For Single Serve Products

There are a lot of bottled products, especially in the beverage sector, that utilize single-serve packaging so that customers can try out a product without committing to purchasing in bulk. Shrink sleeve labels are perfect for the single-serve application, as the lower financial commitment from consumers in combination to the eye-popping design potential will drive consumers to give your product a try.

Promotion Friendly

Manufacturers can take advantage of a score of promotional opportunities when they choose shrink sleeve labels. Opportunities that will increase the appeal of your product to consumers  include:

Tamper-Proof Evident

With the tamper-proof evidence that shrink sleeve labels provide, consumers will rest assured knowing that your product will be fresh and ready for use when they open it.


Shrink sleeves labels can be completely removed after use, making for clean, easy, and efficient recycling. Environmentally-conscious consumers will enjoy how easy bottles packaged with shrink sleeve labels are to be responsibly recycled.

Industries that Use Shrink Sleeve Labels for Bottles

In addition to creating maximum shelf appeal to your product, shrink sleeve labels provide manufacturers of bottled products with a number of advantages that lead to it being a great labeling solution across a number of industries. Industries that our customers have experienced great results with shrink sleeve labels include:

Food & Beverage

Shelf appeal and the ability to provide a tamper evident protection seal makes shrink sleeve labels a popular choice for food and beverage manufacturers.

Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical

Product safety and production is a big priority for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging. Damage resistant shrink sleeve labels increase the bottle’s ability to prevent opening prematurely. Also, with the regulations of these industries changing as much as they do, shrink sleeve labels allow manufacturers to change their label appearance and text information without wasting their inventory of containers and bottles.

Household Cleaning Products

The cleaning products that people use around the house need to be equipped with packaging that is able to defend against moisture. Soaps, detergents, cleaning agents, chemicals, each of these products is bound to get wet. Shrink sleeves allow the product’s packaging to look new long after the consumer brings it into their home.

Shrink Sleeve Labels at Flexo Impressions

Shrink sleeve labels give your bottled products the best chance of capturing the attention of consumers. To give your bottled products top-of-the-line shelf appeal, get shrink sleeve labels from Flexo Impressions. Contact us today and let us know more about your bottled product and any challenges you are facing in packaging your product.

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