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In today’s option-heavy shopping world, your potential customers will have plenty of products to consider as they stroll the aisles during their selection process. Is your label doing enough to stand out and convince them to choose your product?






No matter how great your product or branding is, if your label fails to appeal to customers and convey its value to them, your product is destined to collect dust on the shelf and harm your bottom line.

With shrink sleeve labels from Flexo Impressions, you won’t need to worry about attracting customers to your products. Allow the eye-catching art and branding you’ve designed to showcase your products from every angle with our 360-degree shrink sleeves.

Attractive, durable and cost-effective. It’s no wonder that printed shrink sleeves are the hottest trend in the label industry. Not only does their full-body design offer 360-degree exposure, vibrant colors and top-notch shelf appeal, these innovative labels provide a seamless fit on all types of containers, regardless of size or shape. The durable films we use to produce our shrink sleeve labels are waterproof and scuff resistant, which means they’ll remain intact during transit.

Advantages of Shrink Sleeve Labels from Flexo Impressions

For manufacturers who sell a specialized line of products, shrink sleeve labels present plenty of advantages over standard labeling options.

Any size, any shape: Shrink sleeve labels conform to any package shape. Contoured containers that can cause challenges for traditional labels are easily covered with a shrink sleeve label. Our labels are custom fit to fully cover any package while maintaining an elegant look.

360-degree decoration: By covering your containers entire body with a sleek and appealing label, you no longer have to worry about the manner in which your products are placed on the shelves by merchandisers. Regardless of the angle your product sits on the shelf, customers will see your label exactly as it was designed. Much like the Mona Lisa, your container’s will look great from any sightline. Products that have transparent packaging and feature contents that are undesirable to look at, such as accumulated pulp in orange juice, are discreetly hidden with shrink sleeves. We also make clear-window sleeves for manufacturers who want their customers to know exactly what they’re buying.

Tamper proof packaging: Many manufacturers need to assure customers that their products haven’t been tampered with. We utilize perforation for our shrink sleeves that creates tamper-evident packaging, eliminating any debate about your products integrity.

Increased durability: Backside printing adds an extra layer of durability for your products, creating an excellent wall of defense against scratching, scuffing and contaminants. The film we use for our shrink sleeves will also protect your products from harmful opaque light exposure. Invisible light exposure can compromise product sanitation, which is of the utmost priority in the food and beverage sector.

Recycling-friendly for cans: The shrink sleeves we develop for cans, bottles and jars can outfitted with perforated labels so that the label can be quickly removed and the container can be easily recycled.  

Benefits of Shrink Sleeve Labels

With their innovative flexibility to outfit containers of any size or shape with wrap-around coverage, shrink sleeve labels have demonstrated to provide value to manufacturers across a wide array of industries and sectors, from cleaning solutions and cosmetics to food and beverage containers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a full-body shrink sleeve label printing solution for a single product, a multi-pack band to combine more than one product, shrink sleeves for cans or to create a tamper-evident seal – we have your solution.

Below is a sampling of some of the industries that are a perfect fit for shrink sleeve labels:

Why Flexo Impressions?

With more than three decades of experience, Flexo Impressions has you covered with a wide range of innovative products and and a dedicated team that will do anything to get the job done right. We can also produce digitally-printed labels for projects with lower print volumes, prototypes, and products with multiple SKUs or versions to account for sizing disparity. This affords our clients more options for their products, so that the labels they use can best represent their brand technically, creatively and artistically.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice when it comes to labeling your products. Most traditional labels force manufacturers to choose whether they want superior protection or top-notch shelf appeal. Some barely offer you either one. However, shrink sleeve labels have the versatility and 360-degree coverage that allows manufacturers to get the best of both labeling worlds.

If you are interested in transitioning your branding to printed heat shrink sleeves that innovate your brand and need some help finding partners, we are here to help. . Flexo Impressions has established a close relationships with multiple Bottle Decorators, Fillers and Co-packers and are happy to steer your toward a partner that can help take your branding to the next level.

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A cost-effective option that provides durability and shelf appeal and eliminates the need for multiple labels, shrink sleeve labels offer manufacturers a superior option for labeling. Whether you’re transitioning from labels to shrink sleeves or launching a brand-new product, you can trust our team of experts to provide the technical support and expertise to guide you through the process.

Learn more about our industry-leading shrink sleeve labels by requesting a quote or sample today!

3D Shrink Sleeve Proof


Flexo Impressions supports cutting-edge technology and software to provide 3-D proofs, enabling you to see what your artwork will look like on your product before it’s printed!

Take a look at our interactive 3D Shrink Sleeve proofs:

• Nutraceutical Capsule Container.

• Household Trigger Spray Bottle.